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Customer feedback software

Gathering customer feedback is simple and can be game-changing for a business of any size. Review Tui is your one-stop platform for gaining customer feedback at various touchpoints. Having the right customer feedback software is the first step in collecting meaningful and insightful customer feedback.

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Customer feedback software platforms

Why use customer feedback software?

Customer feedback software enables you to gather customer feedback in real-time 24/7. Using it effectively can give you the insights you need to grow your business, retain customers and acquire new customers easily. Customer feedback software typically enables users to build customer feedback surveys to gather customer opinions about their experience. Features of many customer feedback software platforms include:

  • Ability to create customer feedback surveys
  • Create custom and unique links to these surveys
  • Analyse survey responses
  • Dashboards for long-term analysis
  • Scoring/grading a business's results over time
  • Updating business CRM with customer results

Using a customer feedback software solution provides the tools to fix broken elements of the business and invest more heavily in aspects that create happy customers. The software itself creates a centralised platform for feedback gathering and analysis. Both of which are essential to implementing real change in your company.

The customer feedback cycle

Customer feedback cycle

Using customer feedback software enables a business to build a scalable and repeatable customer feedback cycle. This directly relates to a process of continuous feedback gathering, implementation and improvement.

A secondary benefit to applying this cycle to your business is the growth that comes from it. By creating happy customers they're more likely to purchase again. They're also more likely to refer your business to others.

So, as you can see, an effective customer feedback cycle brings the opportunity for growth, without the high costs of traditional marketing methods needed to expand your reach.

Why you shouldn't fear customer feedback

Many businesses are hesitant in investing in customer feedback software because they're apprehensive about receiving negative feedback. Little do they know that they're missing out on one of the best resources for growing and improving their business. Discover why negative customer feedback is actually a good thing in this article.

Review Tui customer feedback software

Develop a customer feedback strategy

Customer feedback strategy guide

Develop your very own customer feedback strategy with our free digital guide. From winning over senior management to identifying the moments in the customer's journey for valuable feedback this guide is packed with advice. Learn the framework required to get consistent and insightful customer feedback and how to implement it across your business quickly.

Free guide


Collect customer feedback

A clunky, outdated or non-existent feedback system creates a barrier to business growth.

Without insight into what your customers like and don’t like about your business, it can be hard to keep doing the things they love and improve on friction areas.

Get to the heart of what your customers need with feedback. After all, delighted customers not only come back, but they often bring friends!

Create your own customer surveys and gather customer feedback easily with Review Tui. Assess your business’s strengths and areas you can improve by clicking on the button below.

Collect customer feedback online
Discover customer feedback questions


Customer feedback questions

Gathering valuable customer feedback starts by asking the right questions and is followed by making it easy for customers to give feedback. The right answer types grow the feedback you receive and the insights you can act upon.

Review Tui makes asking and answering questions easy and fun by offering several different response types. From free-flowing text boxes to sliding indicators and draggable ranked responses there's a response type to suit every question.

Learn more about our different response types and create a customer feedback survey by clicking the button below.

Example question types


Customer feedback tracking

Track the data gathered from your Review Tui surveys to an individual touchpoint with Campaigns.

Campaigns enable users to create custom links to their surveys for greater analytics and tracking. In addition, users can select the place a survey link will be seen, the channel it will be shared on, and even tag it to an individual member of staff to better hone in on areas where your business is succeeding, and where it could do better. 

Our Campaign creator tool makes it easier to track the sources of feedback so your business can act on that feedback as quickly as possible.

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Track customer feedback online
Platform to monitor customer feedback


Monitor your customer feedback

Review Tui is a feedback platform that offers a new way to gather and measure customer feedback. We're reimagining customer reviews by enabling businesses to easily create surveys, gain public reviews, and track and analyse feedback.

It doesn't end there...the feedback gathered with Review Tui can (and should) be used to inform your business strategy and ensure a customer-centric approach to all facets of your organisation.

In turn, you'll be sure to not only increase the number of new customers your business receives, but also the number of customers you retain in the long term.



HubSpot and Review tui

Gather feedback in HubSpot and seamlessly send it to your HubSpot CRM. The integration sends the score across to HubSpot in a new contact property field. Use this to trigger service ticket creation, tasks and notify team members of the feedback. Update a contact's lifecycle stay to Evangelist if they give 5 stars and trigger a thank you email for the feedback.

The integration even sends a link to the Review Tui feedback so you can easily check out what they said.

Discover our HubSpot integration

HubSpot & Review Tui integration