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Feedback survey campaigns

Campaigns enable you to create tagged links to your surveys. These links can be associated with store locations, team members, product lines, project stages - anything you can imagine.

Depending on when and from where these links are sent you can hone in on areas that need fixing, or use good processes in other places as an example. Learn more about custom campaigns below.

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Create customer feedback links

What are feedback campaigns?

Campaigns are your way of customising and tagging the links to surveys. Each campaign can feature several links, and surveys, so you can easily see which sources generate the best feedback or hone in on underperforming areas more quickly. Campaigns provide a grouping system for ease of management. You may choose to create one customer feedback survey but offer several ways for people to reach that survey. Later, you might want to see which links get the most responses or the best results.  Campaigns make all of this easy. Here are a few examples of different campaigns you might run:

  • Automated e-commerce feedback campaign
  • In-store Point of Sale campaign with links to an online survey
  • Surveying customers at various stages of the process

In all of the above examples, you could create one single survey but have a few unique links to that survey. The reason you would do this is to analyse and filter results based on the source link. This enables you to deliver different links at different times and locations.

In the first bullet point, for example, you may have a CTA in the confirmation email of a sale asking for feedback. This could then be followed by an automated email asking for feedback and then a QR code on the package the customer receives.  Each of those would have its own link under the one campaign to enable the business to track customer engagement throughout the communication journey.

Customer feedback campaigns explained

Using campaigns

Campaigns refer to the umbrella activity of feedback gathering. They're sometimes groups of many links to one survey, and sometimes they'll refer to multiple surveys and their links. There's almost no limit to how you can group the connections between links and surveys.

The purpose behind all of this is to give businesses the flexibility to analyse their customer feedback efforts at a granular level. Compare the performance of different QR code posters in your store to see which gets the most engagement, assign different links to different customer service personnel and compare their scores. It's all possible with campaigns.


Customer feedback strategy guide

Develop your very own customer feedback strategy with our free digital guide. From winning over senior management to identifying the moments in the customer's journey for valuable feedback this guide is packed with advice. Learn the framework required to get consistent and insightful customer feedback and how to implement it across your business quickly.

Free guide

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Customer feedback software with tagged links

Surveys everywhere

Tagged customer feedback

You have multiple touchpoints with your customers and it's important that you measure the customer sentiment at each of these levels. Often businesses want to have one simple survey and the ability to measure which locations, people and sources get the best results.

Review Tui enables you to create multiple custom links to each survey. Tagged however you like these campaigns group links and make filtering, searching and analysing these groups easier than ever. Compare one campaign against another, or measure how different links within the same campaign perform to focus your efforts. Campaigns make it easy for you to identify greatness, and optimise with ease.


Link builder

Simplified link tagging

As you build a new link within a campaign you're guided through your tagging options. Complex link tracking, like UTM links, is excessively complicated and hard to utilise. With campaigns, relevant options are presented based on your previous selections meaning you're not overwhelmed with options. Sharing this link through an automated email? The link builder will only show you email-relevant options for the next level tags.

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QR code customer feedback links

Link generator

Customer feedback QR code

Generate unique QR codes for customer surveys directly from the link builder. Add these as stickers on tables, on posters or added to receipts to increase the opportunities for people to give your business feedback.

Review Tui surveys are optimised for mobile devices, which means the customer gets a seamless experience regardless of when they choose to give you feedback. Capture customer sentiment at the moment with even greater connectivity and accessibility. All with Review Tui's campaign link-building tool.

Want to change the survey the QR code links to without changing all your marketing material? With Review Tui's campaign link builder switching the link destination of existing links is easy.

Why use our customer feedback campaigns?

They're free

That's right, you can use our campaign tool for free. Create links within the campaign to track performance and even create unique QR codes.

They're easy

We haven't overcomplicated our link builder with jargon and vague wording. The builder filters out irrelevant options as you go.

They're simple

It's quite difficult to do a simple thing well, and that's what we've focused on. You want to create links easily and we've done just that.
Campaign FAQ

Which tiers include campaigns?

All of them! It's pretty tough to gather customer feedback without links so we include this feature even on our free tool. There are limits in place so if you're using lots of links you may need to upgrade.

Why do I need more than one link?

You don't. If your business uses Survey Monkey, or something similar, you will likely have one link to that survey and use it everywhere. The downside to that is you won't be able to isolate key feedback to its source without creating multiple surveys, which is time-consuming.

With Review Tui you can create one link to your survey or dozens! These additional links can be given unique tags so you can use a different link in different locations, assign them to different people and even use them across feedback channels. This provides more insight with less work.

What is Review Tui?

Review Tui is a customer feedback platform designed to make it easier for businesses to hear the voice of their customer. From easy-to-build surveys to an intuitive method for encouraging public reviews we want businesses of all sizes to understand how they're delighting their customers, and how they could do better.