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Customer feedback surveys

Our survey builder features an intuitive editor, real-time visualiser and the ability to share previews with teams online. Create simple, stepped questionnaires with our cloud-based survey creator.

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Online customer feedback surveys

What is a customer feedback survey?

A customer feedback survey is a tool for a business to gather opinions from the people that buy from them. The creator of the survey is able to create a customised list of questions to uncover game-changing insights that steer the development of the company. It's commonplace for surveys to feature a range of questions, and for different answer types to be offered. These response types can include:

  • Multi-select answers
  • Sliding scales
  • Reordering of options
  • Free-text field for typed replies

A customer feedback survey will often ask the respondent to rate their experience with the business as a whole. This is the core assessment of whether the individual had a positive or negative experience with the company. There is a number of associated scoring systems to measure this response against and whether you choose to use NPS®, CSAT or CES these give you benchmarks to assess your business's progress as you implement new customer satisfaction measures.

What is a customer feedback tool?

A customer feedback tool, like a survey builder, is essential for collecting and gathering customer feedback easily. Many are cloud-based so you can access your responses, and edit your surveys, from anywhere. Learn more about these tools in our explainer article.

Customer feedback survey benefits

Implementing a customer feedback survey has many benefits to businesses regardless of their industry. From identifying areas where the business could improve to highlighting the areas your company delights you gain valuable insights by surveying your customers.

The numbers are clear when it comes to the benefits of using a customer feedback survey.

Customer feedback statistics 2022

Review Tui feedback surveys 


Customer feedback strategy guide

Develop your very own customer feedback strategy with our free digital guide. From winning over senior management to identifying the moments in the customer's journey for valuable feedback this guide is packed with advice. Learn the framework required to get consistent and insightful customer feedback and how to implement it across your business quickly.

Free guide

Review Tui  Customer feedback strategy guide email mockup

Mobile customer surveys

Surveys on the go

Mobile customer surveys

Your customers are more diverse than ever and almost every one of them has a mobile phone within reach. Collecting feedback is possible no matter where your customers are thanks to optimised survey designs for mobile devices.

We back this up by enabling you to create a QR code to link to your surveys. Ideal for posters, stickers or for product packaging this simple asset ensures that your customers can engage with your brand no matter where they are, or when they're thinking about your company.

Don't limit your company to desktop-only feedback platforms. Join Review Tui and ensure that your customers can give you the feedback you need in order to grow at any time and on any device.

Survey editor

Feedback survey editor

Our 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) survey editor gives you two ways to build your customer feedback surveys. You can either use the intuitive control panel menu to add, remove and rearrange your pages and questions or edit in an 'inline' fashion using the viewport. You can easily preview your work, including submitting answers, without impacting your scores within the web app.

See what your customers will see and ensure you've achieved the desired survey flow with the innovative design tools within Review Tui.

Customer feedback alerts


Customer feedback alerts

You want to know as soon as your business receives new feedback, and we get that. We don't rely on in-app notifications to keep you informed, instead, we send them straight to your inbox.

Our notification emails have been designed to show all the key information you need to decide whether you need to act immediately and put something right or leave your activity until it suits you. We ensure no private information is shared on these notification emails either, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Survey branching

Customer survey logic

Every question in your surveys can have dependent field logic applied. This means you can set another question to appear based on the response given for any previous question. 

We've built this feature as it's important for a business to understand why someone gave the answer they did to help uncover the deeper meaning and rationale. While other surveys stop at the first layer of response Review Tui encourages users to go deeper. These dependent fields enable you, the survey builder, to create intelligent questioning pathways that don't feel long and tedious to the person filling in the survey.

Customer feedback survey logic
Get more public reviews

Drive engagements

Get public reviews

Our surveys make it easy for you to request a public online review from people that are already open to giving you feedback.

Simply create a link to any of your third-party review platforms and tell the survey which ones you'd like people to be sent to. You can limit the survey to only show one public review platform at the end or give the user several to choose from, the choice is yours.

Review Tui alpha testers have seen as much as a 60% conversion from Review Tui feedback submissions to online public reviews as a result of using this system.

Simple scoring

5-star reviews

Each survey includes a 5-star rating system at the end so you can get an overall sense of what it's like to buy from your company. This overall rating is simpler than using something like an NPS score and is a system that most customers are familiar with. The 5-star rating system is so popular that no matter whether you're rating your Uber driver or checking out how safe your car is this universally recognised scoring system can be easily understood by all of your customers.

5 star reviews

Why use our customer feedback surveys?

They're free

That's right, you can build free online customer feedback surveys using Review Tui. Access all the features every other tier gets but with a small limit on the number of surveys you can build.

They're easy

We haven't overcomplicated our survey builder with dozens of question types and design tools that you'll never use. Instead, our survey builder contains core question types and a clean interface to work with.

They're simple

It's quite difficult to do a simple thing well, and that's what we've focused on. By focusing on a layout that is easy to use across multiple device types, and to avoid distracting the respondent we've kept things simple.
Survey FAQ

Which tiers include surveys?

All of them! It's pretty tough to gather customer feedback without surveys so these are a standard feature of Review Tui. There may be limits on the number of surveys you can create, based on your tier.

How many responses can we receive?

There's no limit to the number of responses you can receive on Review Tui. We don't believe your business's customer feedback strategy should be throttled by a monthly cap on the feedback you can receive.

What is Review Tui?

Review Tui is a customer feedback platform designed to make it easier for businesses to hear the voice of their customer. From easy-to-build surveys to an intuitive method for encouraging public reviews we want businesses of all sizes to understand how they're delighting their customers, and how they could do better.