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Launching 2022 

Customer feedback reimagined

Measure your customer feedback with Review Tui while discovering an authentic sense of their experience through your company's reviews. From easy-to-build surveys to customised campaign links and QR code feedback gathering we're making customer feedback easy.

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Customer feedback software
Customer feedback software

Gather Reviews

Survey your customers

Ask the questions that matter the most to your business. Cut through the clutter and discover the real service sticking points.

Our multi-step survey and feedback tools reduce form fatigue and create a simple, uncluttered experience for your customers. No more mountains of text and hoops to jump through just plain simple answers to your questions. Customised user feedback surveys are easily updated and shared through our cloud-based platform.

Easily add, re-order and edit your surveys in our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. No coding required, no overwhelming options just a professional survey every time.

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Customer feedback tool

Customer feedback tool

Collecting customer feedback and understanding the voice of the customer is easy with our customised survey editor.
Real time customer feedback reporting

Real-time reporting

Get instant notification of new customer feedback and use the intuitive dashboard for sentiment analysis of user feedback.
customer feedback tools map customer journeys

Map customer journeys

Use campaign links to create custom user journey campaigns with multiple surveys for different stages of the customer journey.
Customer satisfaction software alerts


Customer feedback alerts

Receive real-time email alerts for each piece of customer feedback, or just from certain surveys. Configure where notifications will be sent to go to certain individuals or a team inbox, whichever works best for you.

The Review Tui customer feedback platform features unlimited user allowances so your entire team can follow these alerts and review the exact feedback given by a customer in Review Tui.

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Integrate with HubSpot

Send customer feedback straight to the HubSpot CRM to trigger the creation of Tickets, Tasks and automated emails. Use all of HubSpot's class-leading business tools to manage your customers and leave Review Tui to gather feedback and encourage online reviews. It's full-circle inbound marketing at its best.

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Customer feedback software the integrates with HubSpot
Customer feedback reporting tools


Reporting tools

Close the feedback loop with actionable insights delivered via your customer feedback dashboard. Our cloud-based reporting tools give any business the tools they need to improve customer satisfaction.

Reporting feedback widgets highlight where your customer support is succeeding, and where it can be improved. To see our full list of feedback software features check out our features webpage.

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Review Tui  Customer feedback strategy guide email mockup

Customer feedback strategy guide

Develop your very own customer feedback strategy with our free digital guide. From winning over senior management to identifying the moments in the customer's journey for valuable feedback this guide is packed with advice. Learn the framework required to get consistent and insightful customer feedback and how to implement it across your business quickly.

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Official Launch 2022

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