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Why marketing teams need a customer feedback platform

Customer feedback is an invaluable tool for all aspects of businesses and marketing is no different. Good marketing is all about appealing to the right customers and giving them a reason to invest in your brand, which is why customer feedback can give you a competitive advantage.

So how can marketing teams use customer feedback to improve their campaigns? The answer is simple – customer feedback management. 

Why is customer feedback important for marketing? 

Marketing campaigns that connect with customers on a personal level are far more likely to succeed, which is why marketers aim to deeply understand their audience.  The best way to achieve this level of connection is by asking existing customers for their input. 

Whether customers are happy or not, their feedback has the power to transform a business for the better. Customer feedback gives brands insight into what their customers are experiencing and what they expect the brand to deliver

With customer feedback, marketing teams can ensure: 

  • Marketing content targets the right audience.
  • Online reviews are optimised. 
  • Customers are better understood.
  • Communication channels are tailored to customers. 
  • Campaigns align with customer preferences.

To help you understand each of these benefits, we’re going to dig into the details and show how a Customer Feedback Management (CFM) platform can help. 

Customer Feedback Management platforms

Customer Feedback Management platforms give businesses the ability to collect, organise, automate and analyse customer feedback. When done well, the insights that come from this are invaluable. Good CFM software will integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to ensure all customer data is synced and cohesive.  

These platforms use quantifiable metrics to measure customer feedback including Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Scores (CES). 

CFM platforms should include:

  • An intuitive survey-building tool.
  • Surveys that can be sent through campaign links or website popups.  
  • Automation capabilities to ensure surveys are delivered at appropriate times. 
  • Analytics to identify trends and extract useful insights from survey responses. 

Marketing applications for customer feedback 

Marketing teams can use customer feedback to get in touch with their audience and refine their advertising. Customer feedback takes the guesswork out of the equation, meaning marketers can be confident their efforts will have a lasting impact.  

1. Create content addressing customer questions

The Inbound Marketing approach is designed to target people who are actively interested in what a brand offers, rather than disrupting people who do not need what the brand offers. This reduces wasted resources, increases sales conversions and builds positive ongoing relationships with loyal customers. To do it well, marketers need to know exactly what their prospective customers are searching for and what questions they need answers for. A customer feedback management platform is the perfect tool to do just that. With integrated CFM software, marketers can ask existing customers what they want, need and expect from the brand, so they can use that information to market to other prospective customers more effectively. 

2. Share positive reviews on your website and social

Social proof is an incredibly powerful tool because it provides customers with something objective to believe in beyond the company’s claims. That’s why marketers should use a CFM platform to ask for feedback and encourage the happiest customers to leave online reviews. Over time, the number of positive reviews will grow and prospective customers will find the social proof they need to purchase. This is called online reputation management and it can have a radical effect on business success because it gives marketers more control over what is being said about the brand online.    

3. Understand your customers better  

It’s not uncommon for marketing campaigns to miss the mark in terms of relatability and emotional connection, but with customer feedback, brands can be sure their messaging will resonate. Customer insights help marketers to gain a better understanding of who their customers are and how to identify with them. By listening to the voice of the customer, marketing teams can extract valuable insights and use them to attract more of their ideal customers. Whichever strategy you use, marketing must appeal to your customer's personal needs which can only be achieved with a deeper understanding of their pain points, motivations, and preferences. The best way to find this information is through customer feedback.  

4. Optimize your communication channels

With a vast range of communication channels available now, your customers will have some that they prefer over others. If you use channels that don’t suit your customers, the chances of them leaving your brand for one that does is far higher. To find out what type of communication your ideal customers want, you need to ask for customer feedback. 

More and more marketing teams are investing in customer feedback because they know it has the power to enhance their campaigns. To cater for the demand, many CFM platforms are available and can help to connect brands with their ideal customers. 

Designed and built as an intuitive CFM platform Review Tui puts control back in marketers' hands. The powerful analytics, easy-to-use survey builder and traceable campaign links combine to deliver the all-in-one software marketing teams need. So, if your brand is seeking to understand its customers better and improve its campaigns, Review Tui is designed for you. 

You can sign up for updates and receive invite-only access to the software launch later this year, not to mention more helpful advice on how to improve your customer feedback strategy. Or you can start today with our downloadable guide which has all you need to start implementing a customer feedback strategy, including how to apply the insights to your next marketing campaign. 

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