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Review Tui | May update

It's time to look back at the previous month and update you on the progress we've made with the main application and how we're tracking towards launch.

Marketing platform

While the software grows in the background we've been focusing on how we grow adoption of the application once it's launched. This has taken us towards using the HubSpot CRM and looking into the Marketing Hub Professional. Our trial of the latter is enabling us to schedule a bunch of social media posts for the next month over our multiple platforms. Follow us on Facebook or Linkedin to see these go out each week!

HubSpot is more than we need right now but we don't want to have to go through the hassle of upgrading our marketing software in a few months while we're focused on looking after customers so we feel it's better to start in something slightly overpowered and grow into it.

Feedback loop

While our beta tester companies have been using the platform they've been implementing a few initiatives which have highlighted some product feature we had in the roadmap that need to be fast-forwarded as a result.

We had always planned on integrating Google Reviews into Review Tui so that our suggested responses could be used by customers to reply to Google Reviews as well as internal comments. However, we need to bring forward the connection between Review Tui and Google due to tester feedback.

One or two wanted to reward customers that left public reviews and needed an easier way of seeing who had gone from a Review Tui survey to a public review. We feel the best way to offer this is to enable a company to connect their Google account to Review Tui and match the internal survey response to a public review. This will enable us to trigger automated actions in the future and even make recommended matches. In the short-term we'll look to enable review to come into Review Tui to make it easier for users to offer rewards to public reviews.

We believe this is a really good feature for existing testers so it will likely push the launch back slightly as we build and integrate this for current testers.


To make it easier for people to ask us about the software and what's coming we've set up our HubSpot Conversations tool to gather comments from our Facebook Messenger and also our new website chat! This means that our small team can cover both platforms with ease while still being within easy reach.

The added advantage of us jumping on HubSpot is that their Service Hub bolt-on will enable us to create and manage support tickets very easily through the website chat. We want to be able to delight the people choosing to use our platform and feel this is one way we can try and do that!

Finalised designs

We have received designs for our onboarding tutorials from the UX team and will be building the content around that in the coming weeks. Our plan is to make it easy for anyone to jump on the software and start to make the most out of it without needing too much guidance. And while the overall design should enable that quite easily we appreciate that some guidance is always required for the best adoption of a new platform.

These helpful tutorials will also be available if someone forgets how to use something so will be readily accessible within the platform without cluttering the interface. That's a pretty challenging balancing act, which is why we had some professionals complete the design.

That's it! We've definitely prioritised the business operations this month and making sure we have a good foundation in place for growth while also ensuring the features within the platform are useable for most people from the start.

Keep an eye out for next month's update where, everything going well, we should have new features to show off and even more for you to enjoy. We'll also begin to extend the beta testing pool slightly so if you're keen on receiving more information on that then use our new website chat.