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The benefits of using a customer feedback platform

A rising number of businesses are investing in customer feedback channels because of the value and insight they can gain from it. The customer feedback market is expected to grow from $1.37 billion in 2020 to $3.34 billion in 2027 because executives are increasingly aware of the power customers have over their success. Customers expect an excellent level of service, and 84% are even willing to pay more for it. The problem is, many businesses are taking feedback without using it to its full potential because managing multiple channels can be overwhelming and disjointed. It is important to make the experience of giving feedback as cohesive and effortless as possible for your customers. In fact, 78% of customers expect businesses to be communicating internally to ensure the feedback is received and acted on effectively. 

To keep on top of customer feedback, and ensure you’re collecting as much as possible, it is important to invest in the best possible systems. Managing multiple channels at once is a juggling act, and getting it wrong often ends with customers having to repeat themselves, or simply taking their business elsewhere. Fortunately, platforms are being developed to mitigate this by giving you all the information and tools you need in one place. 

With Review Tui, you get real-time reporting, customer mapping, automated feedback collection, and can integrate the platform with your Hubspot CRM. Not to mention, you’ll be kept up to date with any new feedback trends or opportunities

Meeting your customer demands is crucial to business success because 75% of customers expect you to understand what they want. But achieving that without asking for their input is impossible. So give yourself the best chance of growth by engaging with your customers, by ensuring they feel heard. 

Why is it important to use a customer feedback platform?

Managing your customers’ feedback effectively is imperative to your business’ success. Your customers won’t put up with sub-par service, especially if they feel they aren’t being listened to. Customers don’t operate in the same way they used to, and your processes need to reflect that change. Many companies still choose to conduct postal surveys, even though their customers tend to prefer digital alternatives. These digital options are cheaper and much more efficient to administer, but some businesses seem determined not to evolve. Historically, postal surveys were the preferred method of customer feedback, but according to BMC research on military families shows that there are significant factions of people who have a better response rate when given an online survey instead. Technology is constantly changing, and your customers with it. Be sure to stay informed about the preferences people have for communication and provide them with an option they will enjoy using. By meeting your customers’ preferences, you are more likely to receive useful, actionable information from them. A customer feedback platform will give you a feedback strategy that suits your customers, and gives you the tools to collect, evaluate and utilise your findings. The right customer feedback platform will allow you to integrate with your CRM so that you can track your customers’ journey and happiness. This can eliminate the risk of any miscommunications within your team, or the customer having to repeat themselves. 

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Making the most of customer feedback

Asking for feedback, without following it with a relevant action is pointless and a waste of your customers' time. If you are taking surveys and discussing ways to improve with your customers,  you need to then demonstrate your willingness to make the relevant changes. The problem for many businesses is that they have multiple feedback channels but no cohesive strategies for them. You could manage your feedback channels manually, or appoint a team member to them, but this still leaves room for information to fall through the cracks. By centralising feedback channels into one platform, you minimise the risk of human error. Collating and analysing data manually also takes a lot more time than automating it through a web-based platform. By cutting down on hours spent on this, you can enlist your staff to make actionable changes based on the feedback instead. 

With a customer feedback platform, you can increase the volume of feedback and guarantee you’re capitalizing on your customers’ input. Thanks to email automation and statistical analysis you can scale response, lower costs and monitor changes to benefit your business. 

How does a customer feedback platform help? 

Managing your feedback has never been easier than it is now. Because of the influence customers have on business success, many feedback tools have been developed to support businesses in the process. But you’re probably wondering exactly what these tools can help with, so we’ve put together a list of helpful features you can use. 

Review Tui allows you to: 

  • Create customer surveys with an intuitive builder.
  • Get real-time alerts as feedback is received, so you can monitor it regularly.
  • Distribute personalised email templates easily by linking to marketing platforms like Mailchimp and HubSpot
  • Use multiple communication channels to reach as many people as possible:
    • Email feedback
    • QR codes on location
    • Social media
    • Website live chat
    • Text
    • Survey links
  • Make the feedback-giving experience as simple and enjoyable as possible for your valued customers.

Customer feedback is undoubtedly important and businesses are choosing to listen to their customers more and more. If you are not making this step, you risk losing your customers to your competitors. Fortunately, you’re not left to figure it all out on your own because there are useful customer feedback tools to support you. Streamlining your feedback processes makes managing the information quicker and cheaper, and sets you up to benefit as much as possible. Change is a good thing for your business, and knowing exactly what to change is considerably easier when you have all the relevant information in one place. With the right feedback processes, your business will have the best chance of success, and your customers will have the best possible experience. 

For a free customer feedback platform that grows with your business, sign up to Review Tui. 

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