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5 best NPS® platforms

The Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is used by over two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies. Since its inception over 20 years ago, it has become a mainstay of business performance indicators. Companies will proudly promote their score on LinkedIn and management will focus on its rise and fall in executive summaries.

And while we don’t agree that NPS is relevant in today’s multi-dimensional business landscape, we do appreciate that it’s very important to some people. It’s for you, the NPS®-obsessed, that we created this list of the 5 best NPS® platforms out there. If you’re looking for a new platform to measure your NPS®, or if you’re being asked to track your company’s score and need a platform to help you out then we’ve got you covered!

If you’re not really committed to NPS® being the main metric for success and are open to other options, then you should check out more of our website, but if you’re too far gone then continue reading!

Ask Nicely

This is one of the world’s best platforms for measuring NPS®. Not only do they make gathering your scores really easy but they use competitions, incentives, and prizes to help encourage your staff to improve your score. Integrating with HubSpot, Salesforce, and most of the CRMs out there it’s pretty much the market leader for enterprise-level NPS® monitoring and measurement.

Their pricing isn’t readily available on their website so definitely reach out to a salesperson if you’re keen on exploring this market-leading platform.

These guys also offer NPS® measurement and analysis but at the time of writing, we couldn’t tell you much more because their website was being flagged as not secure. We’ve kept them here as it’s likely they’ll get the issue fixed and you’ll be able to check them out for yourself in due course.

Survey Sparrow

These guys offer NPS®, CSAT, and CES - basically every CX (customer experience) acronym you can find is covered by this global platform. You can connect your Survey Sparrow account to all the major CRM platforms, including HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

If all you want to do is measure your NPS® then they have a free account where you can have one survey running with 1,000 contacts gathering 100 responses a month. Integrations to HubSpot and the like come at the Premium level, which costs around $299USD per month.

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HubSpot Service Hub

One of the world’s leading CRM platforms also has its own built-in NPS® and CSAT survey tools. You can share these surveys through your website chat and emails if you have Service Hub Professional. If you use the HubSpot CRM then this is a very integrated and holistic package indeed.

There are 4 tiers of Service hub with HubSpot. The free one doesn’t give you any NPS® measurement and sadly neither does the $45USD per month ‘Starter’ package, which includes 2 user seats. It’s not until you reach the $360USD per month ‘Professional’ tier that you gain access to NPS® surveys.

Qualtrics XM/Delighted

Two for one! We are huge fans of Delighted, they have a great AI-powered underbelly to their software and deliver NPS® solutions that rival Ask Nicely as leaders in the space. In 2018, Delighted was acquired by Qualtrics XM so now that great tech resides within the Qualtrics XM NPS® offering.

Qualtrics is an experience management platform with customer service and NPS® included in the suite of solutions. Used by the likes of Under Armour, Volkswagen, and other household brands Qualtrics offers its survey building tool for free. It has over 50 templates to work from and leverages a smart research assistant AI to detect design and methodology errors in surveys.

As you can see, there are several great options for NPS® surveys and platforms out there and these are just our top 5. If this is something your business absolutely has to measure then we don’t think you can do much better than the platforms listed above.

However, if you're on the fence about NPS® or simply want to ask your customers what they like about working with you then maybe you should consider a different route? By using a customer review platform (like Review Tui) you get all the insights you need to measure your business’s performance, without getting too hung up on one single score from a broad question! We believe that a business can only get the insights it needs not by simply expanding the questions asked, but by delivering them in such a way that they don’t feel laborious to fill out. This means different question types and engaging ways to analyse the responses.

We also believe that it’s one thing to ask ‘would you recommend us’ and another thing entirely to actually get the respondent to take action and do it. We believe this is one area where businesses tracking NPS® fall short.

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