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Ask Nicely vs Review Tui - what's the difference?

In the world of customer feedback platforms, there are many platforms to choose from. Ask Nicely is one of the market leaders having received venture capital funding and expanding across the globe. But biggest does not always mean best and, in this article, we’re going to explore some of the main differences between the two customer feedback platforms.

I know what you’re thinking. “This article is on the Review Tui website so, of course, it’s going to say Review Tui is better.” Well, that’s not entirely true.

We are a better platform than Ask Nicely for some businesses, but we’re also a terrible solution for others. The types of businesses that love Ask Nicely won’t love Review Tui, and vice-versa. If we attract someone that’s not going to love our platform then that will cause negative feelings and a loss of trust, so it’s just as important to us that we don’t encourage the wrong people to use our software!

So let’s get into it. What are the main differences between the platforms, and who is best suited to each?

What does each platform do differently?


There are slightly different bells and whistles splitting the two platforms but at their core, there’s a philosophical difference between the platforms. This is because Ask Nicely measures customer feedback against NPS (Net Promoter Score) and Review Tui uses its proprietary algorithm.

You can measure your results using CSAT on Review Tui as well, but you won’t find an NPS score anywhere, while Ask Nicely is fairly wedded to that measurement. If you’re after an NPS measuring platform then this is a prime example of where Ask Nicely will be a better platform for you over Review Tui.


Ask Nicely used to have a free version of its platform but now it only has paid options, and the pricing is hidden so you have to talk to a salesperson.

Review Tui, however, already has the pricing page built and ready for everyone to see when it launches. Spoiler alert, there will be a free version of the software so anyone can get started collecting customer feedback, regardless of their budget.

Sending surveys

This is another area where Ask Nicely and Review Tui differ significantly. With Ask Nicely you can send surveys by text and email from within the platform itself, which can suit some businesses perfectly!

Review Tui doesn’t do this. Instead, you create custom links from within Review Tui and send those using your existing email and SMS platforms. The reason for this is that most businesses have a method for sending emails and messages to clients, so why add another platform and database to manage?

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Ask Nicely has over 26 integrations with the likes of Salesforce, HubSpot, ZOHO, and Mailchimp included in this list. Review Tui only has one at present - HubSpot. This is due to the age gap in the platforms. Ask Nicely has been going since 2014 and has had almost a decade to build on its integration suite, while Review Tui has had a lot less time.

More integrations are definitely coming, and soon but you can still send surveys out using any of the previously mentioned platforms by using your Review Tui campaign links.


Ask Nicely not only looks at customer feedback but also encourages staff to be customer service champions. You can coach them and reward those that rank well in gaining positive feedback from customers directly.

Review Tui focuses on customer feedback but doesn’t seek to train your team or incentivise feedback gathering. Because Ask Nicely is more geared towards enterprise-level companies with big customer service teams these additional tools are important to businesses of that size. Review Tui targets medium and small-scale businesses, that are after something a little more simple.

Online reviews

One significant difference between Review Tui and Ask Nicely is the focus on external reviews. Ask Nicely encourages its users to share NPS scores and share feedback online in a curated testimonial fashion. Review Tui, on the other hand, increases the flow-through of public reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook.

Review Tui believes it's one thing to ask ‘How likely are you to recommend our business..” and another thing entirely to make it easy for happy customers to actually do it.

Enterprise customer feedback vs SME customer feedback

Enterprise customer feedback vs SME customer feedback

A key difference between the two platforms is for whom they are being built. Ask Nicely perfectly caters to the large scale Enterprise audience, and is priced accordingly. Review Tui focuses on the medium to small-scale business that is after something a little more simple. That’s why Review Tui integrates with HubSpot as a starting point, and not Salesforce. It’s why we make it easy for customers to build custom links that they can then share wherever they do business. Whether that be on Facebook Messenger, face-to-face, or online. Small and medium businesses are constantly evolving, and it’s important your customer feedback platform is flexible enough to move with you, and not lock you in to how you’re currently operating.

That’s why Review Tui offers a free version of the tools. You might be taking your first foray into customer feedback and want to experiment without the commitment. You might only need one survey delivered through one channel because it’s just you in the business looking to grow.

But we also realised that some businesses need more, or will scale into needing multiple surveys. That’s why we have a Pro version designed to give you more freedom to create the surveys you need. While our free version will remain very basic, Pro enables us to add new features and grow the capabilities for those needing more.

From AI-powered solutions to even more reporting and helpful tools to help you manage feedback (good and bad), Pro is where a lot of our up-and-coming features will sit. We want people to upgrade to Pro because they want access to market-leading tools, not because we lock all the basic stuff behind a paywall.

If you’re keen to see what Review Tui has in store then sign up for updates and we’ll keep you posted. You’ll also be some of the first people to try the platform when it makes its general release in 2022.

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