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SurveySparrow vs Review Tui

The Customer Experience industry is booming because businesses know their customers are the key to success. Making it easy to monitor and improve customer satisfaction, there is a wide selection of tools that help you to manage customer feedback.

The SurveySparrow platform is one of the many available, and as its popularity grows, you might want to know what it is, how it works, and if it's right for you. That’s why this article provides a deep dive into the SurveySparrow software and how it compares to Review Tui so that you can decide which one suits your business best.  

Review Tui isn’t a perfect fit for every business, so we choose to provide honest reviews of your alternative options. This way, we know our customers are well-suited to what we offer while those who aren’t can find a solution that works for them. 

What is SurveySparrow? 

SurveySparrow is an American Customer Feedback Management software that offers surveys, automation, case management and business intelligence. The all-in-one platform uses various customer feedback metrics to track the customer experience and give businesses actionable insights to optimise their operations.  

The platform offers website pop-ups, automation, access to multiple channels, and integrated analytics, enabling businesses to do more than just send out surveys. 

Features of SurveySparrow include: 

  • Customer Experience metrics like Net Promoter Scores and Customer exit surveys. 
  • Analysis for User Experience (UX), product-market fit, product loyalty and general market research. 
  • Employee feedback, including an employee 360 assessment and exit interview surveys. 

While US-based, SurveySparrow has quickly become one of the most popular CFM platforms worldwide. It’s customisable, automated and easy to use, making it the superior choice for many large enterprises, including Xerox and FedX. 

Differences between SurveySparrow and Review Tui

The key to choosing the right customer feedback platform is knowing what each one does differently. There are many similarities between Review Tui and SurveySparrow, but also a few key differences which may influence your choice.

Scoring metrics

While SurveySparrow does offer a range of metrics, its primary focus is the use of Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Net Promoter Scores aim to gauge how satisfied customers are by asking how likely they are to recommend a brand to someone else. Review Tui doesn’t offer NPS scoring because this metric is outdated and generally unhelpful for businesses to track. 

Instead of NPS, Review Tui uses a customised algorithm to measure customer feedback including Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Scores (CES). These metrics provide more actionable insights than traditional NPS scoring because they are specific and targeted. So, if your business still wants to use the NPS metric, SurveySparrow will be a better fit. 


One of the main benefits of SurveySparrow is that it can be integrated with over 200 apps. These integrations allow SurveySparrow to adapt and enhance your existing business tools rather than add to a growing pile of cumbersome software. Integrating your feedback platform with your existing business tools can streamline your customer feedback strategy. The SurveySparrow integrations include some of the most popular business tools available, such as Salesforce, Trello, MailChimp and Slack. 

Review Tui currently offers integration with Hubspot, which is a powerful Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). If your business is using Hubspot or looking for a leading CRM solution, the Review Tui integration is the ideal platform for managing your customer feedback. With Hubspot and Review Tui working together, your feedback strategy can be seamless and impactful.  


SurveySparrow offers paid plans for businesses starting from $99 a month, which you can trial for 14 days. These plans influence how many surveys a business can create, how many questions they can include and how many responses they can track. SurveySparrow’s paid plans allow for more users on each account, more surveys sent per month, and the use of built-in sentiment analysis. 

The advantage of Review Tui is that there is a free-to-use version. Payment plans will eventually offer supplementary benefits to businesses that want them, but the essentials of customer feedback management will remain free and open to everyone. Our goal at Review Tui is to make customer feedback easy and accessible to all businesses because we know that customer feedback is crucial to success. With our software, you can monitor your customer feedback effectively without committing to a restrictive subscription. 

Who should use which platform?

SurveySparrow is best suited to large, international businesses with high turnover and heavily structured processes. With the integrations and capabilities, SurveySparrow offers, larger businesses will find that the expensive payment plans are worth the investment. That’s because their existing processes and workflows can work together with SurveySparrow, without having to make major alterations.  

For small and medium businesses who need tools with adaptability, Review Tui is the obvious choice. With custom campaign links, you can adapt your customer feedback strategy as you see fit which is far easier than juggling a subscription or strict plan. Review Tui is flexible and doesn’t lock you into anything that may not suit your future needs, so you can tap into customer feedback however you like. When your needs change, you can easily switch up your surveys and the channels they’re on without having to worry about high software costs.

If you want to start today, you can use the free Review Tui guide to implement a customer feedback strategy. Or you can sign up for free advice, updates and invite-only access when our new platform goes live.  

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