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Survio vs Review Tui

As businesses value their customers more and more, gathering customer feedback has become increasingly important. To make it easy for businesses to create customer surveys and track responses, Survio is one of the many platforms available. To help you decipher what Survio is, how it works and if you should use it, this article will explore everything you need to know, including an honest comparison to Review Tui.

For us, providing our customers with helpful, objective information is important because it encourages trust. So, even if Review Tui isn’t a good fit for you, we can help you find a platform that does suit you, like Survio.

What is Survio?

Survio is an easy-to-use software that helps businesses to create and distribute surveys to customers and employees. These surveys give insights into Customer Satisfaction, employee contentment and market research so that businesses can make informed decisions. 

After the surveys are created and sent out, Survio also has built-in filtering, segmentation and analytics to extract the relevant information from the responses. In real-time, these evaluations help businesses to understand exactly what their customers need and how to improve their processes accordingly.  

Key features of Survio:

  • Central dashboard with survey statistics
  • Real-time reporting and analysis
  • Surveys suited to any smart device, including mobile
  • Option to include multimedia like images or video
  • Exportable insights as visually appealing charts (column, bar, pie)   

Differences between Survio and Review Tui

When choosing a customer feedback platform, it's important to know what each one does differently. While Review Tui and Survio share many similarities, there are a few key differences that may affect your decision.


For some businesses, collecting feedback from a certain demographic is crucial, and in many cases, communicating in their language is a key factor in success. In order to increase the response rate and connect with customers in a meaningful way, Survio offers surveys in a wide variety of languages

Review Tui, however, is primarily designed for small to medium businesses and currently only offers surveys in English. Consequently, Survio would be a better choice for your business if it operates across borders and needs to support a wide range of languages. 


To make your customer feedback strategy as streamlined as possible, it’s important to integrate your feedback platform with your existing business tools. Most importantly, your CRM software should be connected because it makes it easier to track each customer’s journey and ensures all data is consistent across every channel. 

To make this easy, Survio integrates with 15 apps, including Google Analytics, Zapier, and Dropbox. Currently, Review Tui only integrates with Hubspot. So if your business needs full integration and isn’t using Hubspot, Survio will be the better choice.

Payment plans

Both Survio and Review Tui offer free access to the essential features of their tools, but Survio also offers paid plans starting from $18 a month. These plans influence how many surveys a business can create, how many questions they can include and how many responses they can track. All of Survio’s paid plans include mobile-friendly surveys, real-time reporting, extra security (SSL) and premium email support. 

For unlimited use of the software, you can invest in the enterprise plan which is customised to suit the specific needs of your business. The price for this is negotiable and gives users unrestricted access to everything Survio has to offer. 

On the other hand, Review Tui is designed to give full access to users at absolutely no cost. Eventually, payment plans will offer supplementary benefits to businesses that want it, but the basic level of customer feedback management will always be free and accessible to all. At Review Tui, we know tapping into customer feedback is vital to success, which is why our goal is to make customer feedback easy and accessible for all businesses. By using our software, you can be confident that you’re monitoring your customer feedback effectively without having to commit to a subscription plan. 

Is Survio right for you?

Survio is designed for large, global businesses with customers who have a wide variety of needs. So if your business spans multiple countries and needs extensive integration with your existing tools, Survio is an excellent option. 

However, if your business is on a small to medium scale, Review Tui is a perfect fit. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to build surveys and send them out through Hubspot or custom campaign links. And what’s more, all the tools you need are available for free, and always will be. 

So if you want to create an effective and meaningful feedback strategy on an accessible platform, Review Tui is a great solution. You can get more tips and tricks by signing up for our updates or downloading our guide to implementing a customer feedback strategy. 

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