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From the latest customer experience data to trends in gathering customer feedback our blog hosts the latest articles on a wide range of CX topics.

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Posts about Review Tui:

Parlor Review Tui comparison

Parlor vs Review Tui

Choosing a Customer Feedback Management platform can be challenging because so many options are available. Customer Feedback Management (CFM) is about capturing customer insights and turning them into actions that drive more revenue and customer retention. One platform that seeks to do that is Parlor.

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GetFeedback Review Tui

GetFeedback vs Review Tui

Asking for customer feedback is the most effective way to improve your Customer Experience because it goes directly to the source. If you want to rise above your competition, you need to ask your customers exactly what they want and then act on it. In fact, studies show that while 80% of companies believe their customer experience is superior, only 8% of customers feel the same way.

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SurveySparrow feedback platform review

SurveySparrow vs Review Tui

The Customer Experience industry is booming because businesses know their customers are the key to success. Making it easy to monitor and improve customer satisfaction, there is a wide selection of tools that help you to manage customer feedback.

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Comparing Qualaroo and Review Tui

Qualaroo vs Review Tui

Qualaroo is an Australian-owned customer feedback software that focuses on pop-up surveys for websites and apps. As more businesses decide to invest in customer feedback, we thought it would be helpful to give an objective review of this cleverly designed platform.

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Survio compared to Review Tui

Survio vs Review Tui

As businesses value their customers more and more, gathering customer feedback has become increasingly important. To make it easy for businesses to create customer surveys and track responses, Survio is one of the many platforms available. To help you decipher what Survio is, how it works and if you should use it, this article will explore everything you need to know, including an honest comparison to Review Tui.

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Why campaign tags are being changed by HubSpot

Why is my campaign tracking not working with HubSpot?

Campaigns are a valuable tool on the Review Tui platform because they help businesses to organise, collate and analyse the responses from their valued customers. Recently, however, we have been noticing Hubspot has altered some campaign tags which can influence the results of campaign tracking. 

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Customer feedback tool

What is a customer feedback tool?

Customer feedback is an essential part of growing a business. Not only does it enable businesses to uncover areas for improvement, but also quickly reveals what they’re doing well. While the former gives businesses areas to focus on improving, the latter provides great sales and marketing tools to help a business grow. But what tools exist to help you uncover these insights, and what do they do exactly?

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Typeform vs Review Tui comparison

Typeform (free) vs Review Tui (free): A comparison

When you’re in the market for a customer survey platform you probably want to weigh up your options. We understand that it’s an important part of the research phase to look at a few different solutions and understand which is best for you.

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New Review Tui feature - Campaigns!

It’s amazing how one new feature can make the biggest change in terms of premium functionality. Our latest feature is a certified game-changer for Review Tui. We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to it: Campaigns! We’ll walk you through exactly what a Campaign is, its use case, as well as some of the benefits your business will reap from using it. We’ve even recorded a short video to show you how it works - yes, we’re that excited!

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HubSpot Review Tui integration

Just launched: Review Tui’s HubSpot integration!

Ensuring the right information is available to the right people at the right time can differentiate a good business from a great business. Sharing information across teams, and consequently, across platforms is an integral part of a business’ ability to function efficiently and effectively. We wholeheartedly understand this - in fact, we advocate for it! That’s why we’ve launched our first integration with HubSpot. We’re making it easier for HubSpot’s 113,925 customers located across 120+ countries to integrate their Review Tui data with their HubSpot CRM. Want to know why?

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Review Tui feature update

Review Tui Update

It’s been a little while since we had some significant news to share. Luckily that time has finally rolled around and we have some exciting new updates to showcase! But before we go into the details of the new features we’ve had a bit of an epiphany.

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Which platform is the best for gathering customer feedback and online reviews?

Review platform review

It’s difficult asking for customers to leave reviews or testimonials but there are a breadth of platforms out there designed to make this task slightly easier. In this article we'll explore a few of them to help you find the right one for your business.

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The latest review platform features

March Update

It's been an interesting month across the globe and even though this has caused some mild disruption to the Review Tui team we've managed to forge ahead thanks to the ease of remote working and a defined development roadmap.

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These are the features we've been building in to our review management software this month

February Update

This month has seen some significant strides towards the launch version of Review Tui! Step-by-step the team are getting closer to a version of the software that will be the version you will get your hands on in the coming months. It may seem like a long time but this journey is only just beginning as the list of features to be added is longer than the build sheet for what is becoming affectionately known as version 0 of Review Tui.

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