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What is customer feedback analytics?

Customer feedback analytics is the process of recording, monitoring, and reviewing the feedback you receive so that you can use the findings to improve your business. This means collecting more responses, from a variety of channels, is increasingly important for leveraging success. However, keeping track of it all is becoming increasingly complicated, which makes it much more difficult to analyse. If you want to gain the most helpful insights from your surveys, you need to have all the data in one place and have a cohesive strategy to manage it. The problem is that the customer feedback industry is growing, and there is an overwhelming range of software options to choose from. To help make your options clearer, we’ve put together a guide to customer feedback analytics so you can make an informed decision.

An effective analytics tool will collate all the data to one centralised location, making it easier for everyone in your organisation to see what needs attention. You should be able to customise your feedback processes to suit your business needs. For example, Review Tui allows you to select where a survey link will be seen, the channel it will be shared on and tag a specific member of your team in the link, if relevant, to help hone in on the problem areas.  With our Campaign creator tool, you can easily track where responses came from which makes fixing any problems much more efficient. 

Some key aspects of customer feedback analytics are: 

  • Tracking patterns in survey responses.
  • Collating data into one convenient location.
  • Unpacking key insights. 
  • Showing common problem areas.  
  • Adapting to any business size or type of client.
  • Working with any communication channel customers might use. 

As your business grows, the opportunities for collecting feedback will also increase. And as customers use an increasing number of channels to engage with you, you’ll need to process the information as systematically as possible. Be sure to make the most of their comments, without encroaching on your overall business productivity. 

Analysing your customer feedback pays off

With the right process, companies can gain insight into consumer experiences, including where they are doing well and where they can improve. To better understand where customers are being under-served, feedback software helps you tag information to certain sources, people, and locations. 

By monitoring customer feedback, you can: 

  • Optimise processes.
  • Enhance efficiency.
  • Improve high-level understanding of what goes on in the company.
  • Refine the customer service experience.
  • Measure business performance. 
  • Uncover any weak points you need to work on.
  • Keep on top of customer expectations.

Being a successful business comes from being adaptable and willing to embrace new challenges. By engaging with customers on what you can improve, you’re putting your best foot forward. 

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Benefits of a customer feedback platform

A good feedback software will harness the data to find long-term patterns and metrics. You’ll be able to use filters to hone in on any key findings and turn them into actionable next steps. The alternative is to have a series of fragmented, separate channels each with its own collection points which becomes convoluted and impractical very quickly. So, give your team the best chance of keeping up with it by finding a reliable platform that does all the work for you. This way, your senior management can oversee the improvements made, and everyone in the business will be on the same page going forward. Your staff will be empowered to perfect the customer service experience, and have the right tools to achieve it. What’s more, these impactful changes won’t disrupt your organization’s output. 

What does a customer feedback analytics tool do? 

Customer feedback analytics should be like a business partner, giving you the support and advice you need to grow. That means taking note of all that’s going right, and what’s missing the mark. That’s why we designed Review Tui, to give businesses a simple, user-friendly platform to manage their feedback. 

With Review Tui you can:  

  • Analyse patterns. 
  • Tag certain feedback channels that make filtering and reporting easy.
  • Easily share customer comments and reviews.
  • Privately store all feedback for analysis before it becomes publicly available. 
  • Easily edit and reorder your surveys. 
  • Design surveys to capture all the information you need.
  • Customise each survey to different target audiences, using different locations and channels.
  • Adapt your survey channels as new communication trends arise.

Essentially, an analytics tool will turn the data you receive into actionable insights so that you can optimize your processes. You won’t need to be spending hours combing through data because the software will do it all for you.  

Minimising disruptions to the workplace

Customer feedback analytics are extremely valuable for businesses, but it’s important to get it done without any disruption to the way things run. By using a specialised customer feedback platform, you can enhance the analysis of your responses easily with no need to restructure the way your team operates. Using Review Tui gives you the freedom to change links and surveys easily without affecting any other processes. That means you can adapt your surveys to get the most out of your responses at any time, and with minimal interruption. Each time you need new insights from your users, the Review Tui platform makes it seamless to switch surveys and links. Customer feedback analysis should be a helpful tool for your business, not a time-drain. To be able to set goals, process data, and implement the right changes, you need to have a system that partners with you to succeed, and limit the impact it has on your productivity. This way you can ask the questions that matter the most to your business, and cut through the clutter to discover the real sticking points in your customer service. 

Review Tui partners with your business to develop a strategy that maximises your customer feedback processes. You can uncover the biggest challenges your customers face when interacting with your brand, and highlight where additional attention is needed. It can not only gather the information, but also measure and manage it effectively. 

To find out more about how Review Tui can make customer feedback analytics a powerful tool for you, download the guide to implementing a customer feedback strategy

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