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February Update

This month has seen some significant strides towards the launch version of Review Tui! Step-by-step the team are getting closer to a version of the software that will be the version you will get your hands on in the coming months. It may seem like a long time but this journey is only just beginning as the list of features to be added is longer than the build sheet for what is becoming affectionately known as version 0 of Review Tui.

We’re committed to transparency in what we’ve done and where we’re going with the app. Our vision is to create the best platform for a business to gather, measure and manage customer feedback and that means a platform that is constantly evolving to deliver on this promise.

So what have we been working on?

New review alert emails

When building something for the first time there’s a lot of learning. We wanted a feature where platform users knew when they’d received new feedback and that made it easy for them to access this new feedback so they can act on it, especially if it’s not excellent. For us that came in ensuring that Review Tui users received timely email notifications about new feedback.

We built a basic version of the email first so we could test the automation functionality and ran it for a week or two on the Beta portals. It was pretty basic as you can see:


Review Tui aims to make customer review strategies easy to implement


It was very simple but it provided some of the core details as well as a link straight to the review, and people received it so it was a huge success! The next step was to make it look a bit better, and this is the current version of the email:


Getting customer feedback and reviews has never been easier with Review Tui


Nudge invitees

Inviting users and accepting invites to existing portals is a few months old now but we found that there was no way to see if someone had accepted their invite, or to remind them that they still needed to accept their invitation to join a Review Tui portal. So we built a separate section to show pending invites and a nudge feature to send a reminder!


This review management software enables you to get more Google reviews and Facebook recommendations


Website and more!

We’ve finally put the Review Tui URL to work with our holding landing page. We’re currently building the rest of the website pages ready for the up-coming launch but the website will be more than just a public face for the app.

Linked to a marketing platform we’re making sure the foundations are in place for us to be able to communicate more regularly with users as well as manage any questions or issues that arise. We’re not just building a great customer feedback platform but also ensuring we’re there to support people when using the software.

What’s planned for next month?

The team are still working hard to have the core elements of the software ready for launch. This includes ensuring you can easily create, edit and share customer surveys, measure customer feedback on your dashboard and create unique links to your surveys enabling you to track where your best feedback comes from. Some of that is done and other parts need a little more work but the light at the end of the development tunnel is getting brighter and the team are excited to get version 0 out there in the coming months.

We’re also finalising some of the more boring parts of the software, like streamlining how updates and new features are delivered across the Review Tui network, updating the system to Angular 9 and working on integrations with a payment gateway. Some of this we’re doing now so that we can bring new features to you faster and others are ensuring we’re future-proofing the software so it’s capable of working hard in the years to come.

If there are any features you’d desperately like to see, either at launch or in the future feel free to share your thoughts on our social media channels!

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