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GetFeedback vs Review Tui

Asking for customer feedback is the most effective way to improve your Customer Experience because it goes directly to the source. If you want to rise above your competition, you need to ask your customers exactly what they want and then act on it. In fact, studies show that while 80% of companies believe their customer experience is superior, only 8% of customers feel the same way.

If you choose to act on guesswork and assumptions, you may be in danger of losing your customers to your more attentive competitors. However, if you use a Customer Feedback Management (CFM) tool, you can harness valuable information from your customers and refine your processes to suit them better. 

GetFeedback is one of many CFM platforms to choose from and is a popular option for thousands of B2B and B2C companies around the world. To help you decide if GetFeedback is right for your business, this article explores the features of GetFeedback, including an objective comparison to Review Tui

What is GetFeedback? 

GetFeedback is a Customer Feedback Management (CFM) software designed to help brands collect and analyse feedback from their customers. Based in California and founded by two former executives of Salesforce, this CFM has proven to be a popular option for many large businesses. 

GetFeedback makes it easy to collect feedback at the relevant moment, across email, SMS, website and mobile apps. The software includes survey templates and built-in analytics which allow brands to keep track of and understand what their customers are saying.  

The GetFeedback platform allows businesses to close the feedback loop sooner, meaning they can listen to customer input, identify common trends and act quickly to make the necessary changes. 

Features of GetFeedback include: 

  • Mobile and SMS surveys
  • Website popups
  • Survey distribution in multiple channels
  • Automation and real-time alerts
  • Integrated analytics
  • Workflow creation for quicker results

Differences between GetFeedback and Review Tui

Most CFM platforms offer the same features, but knowing what sets them apart can help you to decide which one is best for your business. While Review Tui and GetFeedback share some similarities, there are several distinctions that you should know. 

Scoring metrics

GetFeedback and Review Tui offer some of the same metrics, including Customer Effort Scores (CES) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Both of these metrics are incredibly helpful for understanding the Customer Experience (CX) and provide actionable insights that the brand can use to improve its processes. 

GetFeedback also measures Net Promoter Scores (NPS) which asks how likely a customer is to promote the brand to others. Review Tui doesn’t collect NPS because it’s often deemed irrelevant and generally unproductive. NPS doesn’t compel customers to leave reviews and only gives a ranking without any tangible insights. So instead of asking for a vague and non-committal score, the Review Tui software uses prompts to encourage customers to review brands and share their input. This provides brands with something to act upon and inspires more positive online reviews. 


One way to decide between GetFeedback and Review Tui is by looking at their integrations. GetFeedback is integrated with 13 apps including Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Slack while Review Tui is currently only integrated with Hubspot. So, if your business is currently using the tools linked to GetFeedback, it’s likely a better fit.  

Review Tui is working on more integrations, but until then, the Hubspot integration is our primary focus. That’s because it allows users to connect their customer feedback to the Hubspot CRM and create seamless customer journeys. 


There’s no pricing available on the GetFeedback website but it does offer three levels of payment plan, including Essentials, Pro and Ultimate. The Essentials plan is quite limited and only provides survey distribution through email and your website. The Pro version comes with automation, custom branding, and SMS surveys, while the Ultimate version also features Single Sign-On (SSO) and mobile app surveys. 

One of the benefits of Review Tui is that it is freely available. Businesses who want supplementary benefits will eventually be able to purchase them but the essential features of customer feedback management will remain free. Customer feedback is crucial to business success, which is why we made Review Tui accessible to all businesses. Our software allows you to monitor customer feedback effectively without having to pay any fees. 

Who is GetFeedback best suited to?

The most notable difference between these two platforms is who they’re intended for.  For larger brands, the integrations and advanced popup surveys GetFeedback offers will be worth investing in. These capabilities do come at a cost, but for those with high profit turnover and a larger customer base, the price may not be such an issue. 

Is Review Tui right for you? 

Review Tui was designed with small to medium local businesses in mind. For smaller companies, flexibility is crucial because processes and preferences are constantly changing. To cater for this, the Review Tui software is designed to adapt to ever-evolving needs. For example, custom campaign links can be used across any communication channel without locking you into a specific plan or channel subscription.

To get started, sign up for the Review Tui community. You’ll get more helpful tips and invite-only access to our software launch later in 2022. Or, download the Guide to Implementing a Customer Feedback Strategy where you’ll find everything you need to get started today. 


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