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June Review Platform Update

After a couple of months of slow progress, we've finally found the gas pedal and wow, what a difference a month makes! In this review platform update, we showcase the latest developments.

While we've continued to progress with building one of the most important tools within Review Tui we've also made some quick updates to improve review software experience based on user feedback. This includes filtering data for internal analysis and reports as well as placing more information at the user's fingertips.

So let's take a look at some of the very visual updates to the main dashboard.

Dashboard upgrade

As the main centre for all information within your Review Tui platform, this page has always been a keen focus for the development team and it's now taken its next evolution forward.

Feedback gathering software


The major upgrades to the central dashboard include two new modules and increased functionality within some existing modules as well.

The first is a review breakdown module in the top right corner which enables you to quickly see a breakdown of your customer's review scores. You can see major sticking points and see how your average score is calculated. This is a great little snapshot of your business's performance without needing to do heavy maths. By being able to see which scores make up the largest percentage of your reviews you can quickly assess the health of your business's customer service.

The second new module to make it to the dashboard is a review feed on the right-hand side. We had been pondering the best data to occupy this space for some time as its narrow portrait orientation limited the options for suitable data visualisation for that area. Not a lot of our information is tall and narrow!

We also wanted something that was a realtime and human insight into the business. Realising that some businesses might have this dashboard on a screen in the office we needed to ensure everyone in the room could see the impact their work has in both a numerical sense and textual context. This new module pulls in the 5 most recent reviews and clicking on the section takes you to the Reviews page for more in-depth analysis.

The addition of these modules balances the main dashboard interface between long-term trends and instant insights making it a valuable hub for any business gathering and measuring customer data.

Date picker on modules



Previously the 'number of ratings' and 'overall average rating' modules showed an 'all-time' view of the portal with no changes when the other charts were changed.

Our initial belief was that the lifetime values of these modules were the most important data so we left it as it was.

As users began to familiarise themselves with the platform it became clear that they wanted a way to see how many reviews they had received over a set period of time, and what their average score was during that month, quarter or year. So, we added a date picker element to the modules to make it easy to drill down into the data from within the dashboard.

We settled on a hover-over date-picker so that the interface can remain clean and simple while also offering additional features when they become relevant. The calendar icon in the top left vanishes when there is no hover present and the selected dates show at the bottom to help identify the filter which is in place.


Asking the correct questions to the right people remains a core part of the Review Tui platform. Making it easy for users to create, edit and manage their surveys is something we aren't taking lightly. While other survey tools try and be all things to all people we simply want to make gathering feedback and implementable insights easier than ever.

We've created an engaging and user-friendly interface of which we're incredibly proud and we're pleased to say it's close to entering service. Once it does we will have achieved our MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, state. You'll technically be able to do all of the basic tasks we expect a user to perform.

Once this has completed beta trials we will be finalising portal limitations and payment gateways ready to enable the public to set-up and manage their own portals. But before that we need a few new businesses to test the usability of the platform. If you're keen to have a trial or be one of the first to test the pre-launch version get in touch!

Stay connected on our social accounts for news and updates as we near the launch of the first version later this year.

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