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Parlor vs Review Tui

Choosing a Customer Feedback Management platform can be challenging because so many options are available. Customer Feedback Management (CFM) is about capturing customer insights and turning them into actions that drive more revenue and customer retention. One platform that seeks to do that is Parlor.

This article will explore what Parlor is, how it differs from Review Tui and if it’s a good fit for your business. 

What is Parlor? 

Parlor is a Customer Feedback Management platform primarily designed for software companies. It’s a convenient, one-stop solution for collecting feedback and extracting insights for product-led growth (PLG). With Parlor, you can track and analyse Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) using responses from surveys distributed through websites and email links. Parlor makes it quick and easy to see what works and what doesn’t in your Customer Experience (CX). 

Parlor User Relationship Management

One of the selling points of Parlor is its holistic and seamless approach to customer feedback. It’s common for businesses to use multiple tools that are disjointed and incompatible, but Parlor can connect them all. By aligning all customer data and business tools with one cohesive User Relationship Management (URM) dashboard, companies can be sure that their data is synchronised and consistent. 

Three core pillars of Parlor: 

There are three main foundations of Parlor, including Voice of the User (VoU), User Intent Tracking, and User Engagement. The feedback gathered through Parlor can pertain to any of these three core pillars and be vital to the business’s understanding of its customers. 

Voice of the User

Voice of the User is all about listening to the perspective and input of customers, whether the business focuses on Product-led-growth (PLG) or existing customers. Tracking the Voice of the User gives brands a single source of truth to refer to that is drawn from bug reports, product enhancements, support issues, sales blockers and more. 

User Intent Tracking

User Intent Tracking helps to set up instant workflows when a customer completes a particular action. Parlor’s URM triggers automated responses and assigns tasks to employees so that teams can efficiently serve customers' needs. With User Intent Tracking, businesses can identify user segments, determine which customer behaviours should be tracked, and then set up the desired workflow to activate immediately.       

User Engagement

User Engagement is about engaging customers with a User Experience that is tailored to their preferences. The best way to personalise products and services is by collecting feedback directly from users. The Parlor User Engagement pillar allows businesses to collect feedback, bug reports, feature requests and support tickets so that they can easily find out what needs to be improved. 

Key differences between Parlor and Review Tui


One thing that sets Parlor apart is its variety of integrations. It’s common for businesses to use four tools across their workflows, including Customer Relations, support, task management and internal communication. Parlor can integrate with a range of these tools, making it convenient for users to access data from anywhere in their business. There are ten major platforms listed in their integrations, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, and Linear. Some integrations, such as CRMs and Slack, come as standard inclusions for the payment plans and others can be added as required. 

Review Tui is integrated with the Hubspot CRM, meaning users can easily aggregate data between customer feedback and customer relations. However, if your business doesn’t use Hubspot, you will likely find that Parlor is the better choice for your Customer Feedback Management.  


The essentials of Customer Feedback Management are entirely free with Review Tui. In the future, there will be advanced features available for businesses who need them, but we are committed to providing the basics without locking customers into any subscriptions. 

In contrast, the Parlor software comes at a price. The exact prices aren’t available on their website and they do not offer free trials, but you can see the five different payment plans they provide. You can either pay for the individual pillars (Voice of the User, User Intent Tracking, User engagement) or invest in an all-inclusive package. The complete URM package has unlimited access to everything, while URM Lite is a more pared-down version designed for startups. On any of the plans, you can also pay extra for certain add-ons, including integrations, User Segments, and alerts. 

Ability to adapt

The URM Lite package with Parlor is a good starting point for startups but with the limitations it has, it has the potential to be frustrating as the business grows. With the full package, these limitations won’t be an issue but the investment may be too high for many SMEs. Review Tui, however, is flexible and scaleable to suit your ever-changing needs, without any price increase. So if your business is an SME in search of a customer feedback solution that will grow with you, Review Tui is the better option. 

Who are these platforms best suited to? 

The main difference between Review Tui and Parlor is that Parlor specialises in User Relationship Management for software companies. So if your business is seeking Product-led growth (PLG) or improved User Experience for paying customers, Parlor is perfect for you.  

However, for businesses other than software companies, Review Tui is the ideal solution for your Customer Feedback Management. You can adapt your customer feedback strategy however you want thanks to the custom campaign links. The platform allows you to harness customer feedback in whatever way is most convenient for you because we know it can be frustrating to be locked into one particular plan or system. As your situation changes, you can easily change your surveys and the channels you distribute them on without worrying about an extravagant payment plan.

Start implementing a customer feedback strategy today with the free Review Tui guide or sign up for free advice, updates, and invite-only access to our new software launch later this year. 


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