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Qualaroo vs Review Tui

Qualaroo is an Australian-owned customer feedback software that focuses on pop-up surveys for websites and apps. As more businesses decide to invest in customer feedback, we thought it would be helpful to give an objective review of this cleverly designed platform.

With many options on the market today, it can be difficult to differentiate between customer feedback management platforms. While we do have stakes in the industry, we believe it’s important for businesses to find the best solution for their needs which is why we want to give an honest summary of Qualaroo and how it compares to Review Tui. That way, we can be confident that our customers are a good fit for our services and that we can deliver exactly what they need. For others, Qualaroo may be more suitable, in which case we’ll happily guide you through the decision process. 

What is Qualaroo? 

Qualaroo is an Australian-based customer feedback management software that provides businesses with the ability to tap into their customer’s perspectives. The main feature of the platform is its cleverly built pop-up surveys that are designed to target customers using the brand’s app or website. 

Some top features of Qualaroo include: 

  • Exit surveys, such as when a customer leaves an online shopping cart.
  • A range of survey templates you can use and adapt for your own needs.    
  • Data collection for A/B testing and survey results
  • Sentiment analysis extracts insights so you can respond to customers faster. 

The Qualaroo nudge 

The focus of the Qualaroo software is to collect customer feedback at the exact moment customers are using the website or app. That’s why their pop-up surveys, called Qualaroo nudges, are designed to appear and encourages the customer to share their thoughts. 

These surveys can be designed to suit your branding and usually only ask a few quick and relevant questions. The nudges are unobtrusive and concise so that customers don’t need to leave the page they’re on to answer them. This way, response rates are higher and customers don’t feel frustrated for being redirected. 

Key differences between Qualaroo and Review Tui


One of the distinctions between Review Tui and Qualaroo is the integrations they offer. Currently, Review Tui offers seamless integration with Hubspot, while Qualaroo can integrate with 10 common business tools including Zapier, Salesforce and MailChimp. While more integrations are in the works for Review Tui, until then Qualaroo may be the better option for your business. 

Survey distribution

One of the key differences between Review Tui and Qualaroo is their survey methods. Qualaroo focuses on pop-up surveys in apps and on websites, whereas Review Tui provides campaign links which can be built into emails, webpages and other messaging tools. 

The goal of Qualaroo’s pop-up surveys is to target customers in the immediate moment and gather their feedback at the most relevant time. This is why they don’t offer surveys via email or other messaging platforms which require the customer to leave the page they were already on. 

Review Tui achieves the same goal in a different way. By using customised campaign links and automated emails, the Review Tui surveys are also proven to have a high conversion rate. While some email surveys are known for resembling spam or being too impersonal, Review Tui uses its integration with Hubspot to ensure that the surveys are only sent to customers at the right point in their customer journey. For example, the Review Tui software allows your business to request feedback from your happiest customers and then encourages them to leave online reviews


Unfortunately, Qualaroo doesn’t offer a free access plan and the lowest payment plan does have limitations. After the free 15-day trial, you can choose between an essentials plan for $80 a month or a premium plan for $160 a month. Alternatively, you can get a customised enterprise plan and negotiate your requirements. For some businesses, the high prices will be worth the benefits, especially when it comes to unlimited surveys and insights. 

On the other hand, Review Tui is designed to offer free access to the essentials of customer feedback management, with future paid plans giving access to bonus features. While some businesses will be willing to pay for the advanced tools, we’re determined to provide the basics to businesses without hiding them behind a paywall. 

Who are these platforms best suited to? 

Qualaroo is best suited to large businesses with high traffic on their website and app. The focus of Qualaroo is to gather feedback at the exact moment a customer is engaging, even if they haven’t yet bought anything from the business. These in-app surveys and website pop-ups are ideal for gathering information about the usability and content of the pages the customers are on, straight from the source. 

Review Tui is best suited to small to medium businesses that need tools that can adapt to their ever-changing needs. The custom campaign links allow flexibility so that you can adapt your customer feedback strategy however you need to. We know it can be frustrating to be locked into one particular plan or system, which is why our platform is harness customer feedback in whichever way currently suits you. Then when that changes, you can easily switch up your surveys and the channels you distribute them on without having an expensive payment plan to worry about. 

You can use the free Review Tui tools and helpful guide to implement a customer feedback strategy today. 

Download our free customer feedback strategy guide