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Top 10 customer feedback platforms

If you’re on the hunt for a customer feedback platform then you might quickly find yourself overwhelmed with options. Depending on what you’re after there are dozens of solutions on the market, with more being added all the time.

We’re not worried about a little competition so wanted to give you the inside scoop on all of the other platforms you have at your fingertips. We clearly think we’re the best, but that’s just because the office mums tell us we are.

So if we weren’t going to choose ourselves as the customer feedback platform of record, here are 10 other platforms you should definitely consider:

1 - Ask Nicely

Ask Nicely uses NPS to score the customer feedback you gather through the platform. It integrates well with enterprise-level CRM and marketing platforms. There’s no free version available and pricing isn’t readily available on the website.

2 - Retently

NPS, CSAT, and CES are all available on report dashboards and survey responses are easy to analyse. It integrates with all major CRM platforms and offers a free trial and the Basic package starts at $50USD a month.

3 - Survey Monkey

The world’s most popular free online survey tool does one thing exceptionally well - surveys. If you don’t want Survey Monkey branding on your surveys then Team accounts start at $35NZD per user per month.

4 - Hotjar

If it’s website feedback you want then there are few better than Hotjar. Easily embed a satisfaction feedback widget on your site and understand whether customers enjoy their experience or not. There’s a free plan and these also offer website heatmaps.

5 - Typeform

If you want a good-looking survey or form then few do it better than Typeform. Typeform has a free pricing taster as well as options starting from $25USD for one user per month with $6.30USD charged for every 250 responses over your 100 limit on ‘Basic’.

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6 - Survio

Offering over 100 survey templates and the ability to create surveys with unlimited questions it integrates well with many different platforms. There’s a free platform with more features than most and pricing ranges from $18.33USD per month to $73.25USD.

7 - Qualaroo

Focusing on website and application pop-up surveys, Qualaroo uses action-based triggers to deliver feedback surveys. Pricing is a bit higher than similarly-targeted Hotjar and is also more complex as they use a ‘pageview per month’ model.

8 - Survey Sparrow

We’re biassed towards any feedback or review platform named after birds and Survey Sparrow doesn’t disappoint. Offering website pop-ups, NPS scores and more it’s an enterprise-focused offering. Business pricing starts at $99USD per month and enterprise tips the scale at $499USD per month.

9 - GetFeedback

There’s no pricing available on the website but the integrations seem to be limited to Salesforce and Slack, from what we can see. Judging by its Pardot integration at Pro level it seems to be very intertwined with Salesforce, which is perfect if that’s your sales platform of choice.

10 - Parlor

Last but not least is Parlor. Integrating with HubSpot and Salesforce, it offers user and customer feedback tools. There’s a pricing page but no actual price indications are given so if this looks like the platform for you then reach out to a salesperson.

So that’s it! Those are our top 10 customer feedback platforms available on the market at the moment. Some are more geared toward website feedback and others the more traditional CSAT/NPS but all offer something for some people.

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