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Problems with Review Tui customer feedback software

Review Tui has been built to be one of the most accessible and user-friendly customer feedback platforms on the market. Designed for medium and small businesses across the world, it makes gathering customer feedback effortless and makes seeing and analysing the resulting feedback quick and easy. It’s been built by people that gather customer feedback every single day but come across problems with existing platforms that meant a new solution was needed.

This doesn’t mean Review Tui is perfect for everyone. You might not be experiencing those same problems, and the Review Tui way of solving those issues might not be perfect for your unique needs. As a result, we thought we’d write this article and explain when Review Tui is not the best solution for you.

You can’t use Review Tui to track NPS®

One of the reasons Review Tui came into existence was because too many of the world’s review and feedback platforms relied on NPS® to grade the business’ performance. The team behind Review Tui ardently believe that NPS® is not only too simple but can harm a business’ ability to grow from its customer feedback programme.

NPS® only asks one question, and the business’ entire customer experience is based on this single metric. Businesses that use this to make investment decisions on customer service and retention are doing themselves a disservice and it’s for this reason that Review Tui doesn’t, and will never, use NPS® to measure a business’s performance on the platform.

If your business is looking to measure NPS® then Review Tui is not the right platform for you. Instead, look towards the likes of Ask Nicely or any number of customer feedback platforms that use NPS® as the success metric.

Instead, Review Tui uses its own measurement system, based on a multitude of factors that go beyond whether someone says they’d recommend you to someone else. If you’re open to a new scoring system then this may not be a problem at all.

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You can’t send feedback emails from Review Tui

If you want your customer feedback platform to include email or text sending then Review Tui isn’t the platform for you. Developed by a team of experienced marketing professionals they found that most businesses have a CRM and email delivery platform already, and few needed another.

Disconnected tech stacks are a problem for businesses in the digital age. With more and more apps being added to the suite of ‘solutions’ data is easily missed, or incomplete transfers occur. Data requires a single source of truth to be effective, a single hub where accuracy is ensured. Adding more places to manage increases the chance of data being incorrect.

Review Tui was built to use your existing customer communication system to make it one less place for you to manage unsubscribed contacts, bounced contacts and more. Therefore, anyone looking to rely on their customer feedback platform to deliver emails would not find that with Review Tui.

To make it easy for you to use Review Tui with your existing customer communication tools we’ve made it so you can create custom, trackable links with ease. Campaigns track your overall customer feedback efforts and the links within those campaigns can be tagged to specific emails, website chat, store POS - anything! We even have a handy QR code builder so you can add another method for people to leave feedback even when you can’t send them a link.

You can’t create service tickets in Review Tui

For businesses looking to replace or create a customer support programme from their customer feedback software, Review Tui will not be suitable. The reasoning for this aligns with a pattern you may see emerging, Review Tui is designed to do one thing well, and not be a jack of all trades.

There are existing customer support platforms that do ticketing very well. Straight off the bat, Review Tui integrates with HubSpot’s Service Hub, which means you can automatically create a support ticket there based on the star rating a contact gives. The team believes an integrated approach with the myriad of other solutions is better for the businesses using Review Tui than attempting to rebuild what others have taken decades to perfect.

You can’t delete or edit reviews in Review Tui

Review Tui seeks to offer an honest system for analysing a business’s relationship with its customers. In the future, this may even mean embedding your score on your website. Part of the reason Review Tui does not enable users to delete or edit reviews is transparency. Some businesses might remove negative reviews to make their scores seem better than they are.

We appreciate that staff may want to test surveys without their submission disrupting the score. That’s why we offer an internal preview system for all surveys. This enables surveys to be shared within the business without collecting those submissions.

This also helps you, the Review Tui user, comply with any local laws around presenting customer feedback and reviews in your marketing. It’s important that you display an accurate representation. We’ve covered these particular laws for Australia and New Zealand but please check with local legal professionals for your specific requirements.

That is currently the complete list of problems that you may experience with Review Tui if you’re looking to complete certain activities or have a set idea as to what you’re looking for. Hopefully, this article helps you to assess whether Review Tui is right for you and, if it is, simply click the button below to sign up for updates and be notified of its public release.

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